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"B.R.A.V.E." Anti-Bullying Assembly

This high-energy, interactive assembly in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas deals with the growing problem of bullying in our schools. I was bullied in school well over 50 years ago. It has been around a long time.

The assembly teaches what I truly believe is the KEY to stopping bullying. That is, to teach the bystanders who see bullying how to set in motion the actions that will stop it. We role-play this several times on stage with several students, using Magic effects as "Memory Hooks" to make these teachings memorable.

This most topical program teaches students the value of respecting others for who they are, stressing the fact that we are all special inside. The program also gives some strategies for dealing with bullies, especially motivating inactive bystanders to act, including the fact that it’s a must to approach teachers and adults for help.

Students are taught the “5 Ways” to respond to a bullying situation through fun magic demonstrations and role-playing with the WHOLE audience! It is based on the famous studies of Dr. Olweus, renowned bully prevention educator Stan Davis and stresses that the bystanders that usually see bullying going on (and not doing anything to help) can be a BIG help in stopping bullying.

Of course, there are lots of fun magical effects from Mont Dutson, Salt Lake City Utah Magician and School Assembly Presentainer to help the medicine go down smoothly.

"B.R.A.V.E." stands for Be Ready to Assist a Victim Everyday

“B.R.A.V.E.” Salt Lake City School Assembly Objectives:

Using magic, comedy, and audience participation the goals of this particular program are:

1.To show students there are 3 victims in bullying: Victim, Bully,  

2.To let students know that all 3 are really victims and all will 
         suffer from bullying!

3.To teach the students the “5 Ways” to react to bullying

4.To teach students that bystanders can be the key to stopping

5.To teach them it is important to change from a bystander to a

6.To leave a positive and memorable impression in the minds of
         the students that they will help each other be happier at school 
         through reducing bullying through teamwork.

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"The best part of the show was the kids being amazed at the same time they were being taught. The students loved the show and it helped our school reinforce the no-bullying attitude. Mont was great to work with and a great magician. Visiting adults were impressed and wanting to know how to get Mont to come to other schools they work with. Thanks Mont!" – L. Blake, Westvale Elementary School PTA