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Dear Mont,

I am writing this letter to thank you for participating in Dancing Moose Montessori's School's 1st Annual Halloween Carnival. The kids and parents loved your magic shows--it was so great to see all the children's faces while watching your show. You did an excellent job with our different age groups, we really appreciate you creating programs that were age specific and being flexible.

We look forward to having you back again to Dancing Moose!
-A. Debirk

Dear Mont,
  We loved your show! You were able to captivate all ages from 2 to 14 plus their parents (& grandmother).
  It was a fun evening for everyone and I didn’t have to plan anything – you did it all!
  Thank you for working us into your busy schedule. I talked to a daughter-in-law today and she said her 3 girls have been talking about the party all week. Thank you for making it so fun for all of us!

A. Hansen, Bountiful, UT 10/26/2007

"...Our son will 
remember this
forever. We feel this
was a worthwhile
Thank you" - J Hayes
“Dear Mont Magic,

You came and performed at Maggie’s birthday back in October. ..I am sorry it took me so long to send a very heart felt thank you for the wonderful job you did!

The kids loved the performance and Maggie felt so special. The children were mesmerized by the humorous magic you delivered effortlessly! It thrilled me to hear those kids roar with laughter. Thank you so much!—Chantal H.

“Mont, The kids (of ALL ages) thoroughly enjoyed your magic show at Gannett’s Birthday Party on Sunday. We are so grateful that you were able to squeeze us into your busy schedule with such short notice. That evening Garrett broke into his box of tricks that you left him as a gift. He has two of them down and is tricking us all. He LOVES it. He never really understood or expressed interest in magic, but with you showing him how a couple of tricks could be done, he is a sure believer in it. I explained that he is a very lucky little boy to even have learned a couple from the “Magic Man” as they don’t often tell how they do it! I further explained that if he keeps trying, pays close attention and attends more magic shows he may be able to uncover and master many more tricks in the future.  I think he is SOLD. Thank you again, the party was a real treat for us all.  Sincerely,” C. Fisk
" Just wanted to reply and say thanks for the wonderful magic show. Kyra enjoyed the show and all the other kids were full of laughs. I think the live bunny was a big hit!! The coin with her photo on it was a big special treat for just the birthday girl, great idea. I really liked the way you were so relaxed and didn't rush through the show and it was nice you waited for all the children to show up even though they were a few minutes late. Giving the kids a shaped balloon (animal), M&M's and a coloring page was a big help for me because I didn't have to worry about party favors. Kyra loved getting the hand written thank you in the mail and the picture of you, and she will always have great memories of her 5th birthday. Thanks a bunch what a great show!!!"
-E Jensen

Mont handled the children very well, even the "unruly" boys that were here at the party. He kept the children entertained and the parents enjoyed him as well! HE WAS GREAT! --M. Frankos