Make Your Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquet The Envy of the whole Council!
Imagine Your Cub Scouts and Families Having This Much Fun!
Mont Magic specializes in Cub Scout and Boy Scout events. Mont has been a Webelos leader in Cub Scouts, and was a Scoutmaster for the Boy Scouts for 5 years, taking a new troop with 2 boys to a troop with over 20 boys, and 18 Eagle Scouts over that time period. Mont knows and loves scouting.

Cub Scouts are notified in advance of the B&G that some of them will be chosen to help with the magic---HOWEVER, Mont Magic only selects cub scouts that are wearing their Cub Scout uniforms.
Special magic tricks have been created just for Cub scouts. Mont Magic teaches one cub how to prepare for becoming a Boy Scout by learning to do a good turn daily with his Cub Scout neckerchief--but it ends up with holes cut in it! But, magic to the rescue and the Cub Scout neckerchief is returned unharmed much to the delight of the Cub scout (and his parents!).
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"110% Guarantee: If you're not satisfied, not only do you not pay (that's the best ANYONE ELSE will offer you) but Mont will write a check to your Pack for 10% of the show fee. In over 44 years, NO ONE has ever asked for it! A good bet that this will be the BEST Blue & Gold Banquet ever for your Cub Scouts.

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 “Anytime you can captivate 60 cub scouts and their parents for 30-45 minutes, you have achieved a great deal. If the other cubs and their families were as impressed as my children, magic will be the subject of conversation at many dinner tables for a long time to come. Our children have resurrected every magic trick they were exposed to in addition to some of those which you shared with them. Thanks again for the performance. It was a super evening. We look forward to making it an annual event.”
    J. Jorgensen, Cub master P-14, Moberly, Missouri

 “Thank you so much for the excellent performance. We all enjoyed it so much”
A. Haynes – Pack 452, Keokuk, Iowa

Thanks so much for making this the easiest and undoubtedly the most fun pack meeting we've done yet!  I was amazed by how much you incorporated our monthly theme into your presentation and thoroughly enjoyed the Cub scout specific tricks.  Your show was as enjoyable to the adults as to the kids in the room. Thank you! Thank you! Sincerely,
 A. Jensen, SLC, UT

New: "What is Magic?" presentation cub & boy Scouts and girl scouts!!
Mont Magic has special workshops for Scouts & Girl Scouts working on the "Magic" requirements:
Mont will come to your troop Meetings, Den Meetings, Round Tables & Banquets to do some magic and then teach the scouts how to do some cool magic tricks. Mont shows them how Math, Science, Art, Theater, & History make magic work. A 40-minute presentation to Leaders or scouts will give them the opportunity to pass off the Magic requirements. 
Each scout gets instructions, props, and a COOL Top Secret File Folder with instructions, cool magic tricks and optical illusions + SuperHero Name Decoder!! 

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Mont has just been voted 
Entertainer 2016" by Utah Family Magazine---for the 6th year!!