Children's and family magic birthday party shows in Salt Lake City Utah and surrounding areas.
Description of each item available in party packages, just click on each item title:

   PRE-SHOW EXCITEMENT POSTCARD: A cool, "Magic is Just Around the Corner!"     
     postcard addressed to your child is mailed a few days prior to the party, just to get 
     the anticipation going.

   MAGIC MEMORIES POSTER: This is a souvenir poster with Mont's picture on it, a 
     picture of your child, lots of party images, and lots of space for EVERY guest at the 
     party to autograph-A GREAT memory poster for your child to remind of all the 
     guests that shared the special day.

  PERSONALIZED THANK YOU PACKAGE: You know how much kids love to get stuff in 
    the mail! Well, Mont Magic will address a large manila envelope to the birthday   
    child with a special thank you package inside: A hand-written thank you note to the   
    child, and a certificate showing the birthday child is an official member of the Mont  
    Magic Club complete with a cool GOLD SEAL just to make it official!

  MAGIC MYSTERY DOLLAR: An oversized comic dollar bill with  
     instructions for 4 simple magic tricks to learn. Kids love this.

  COLOR MONT MAGIC POSTER: A poster to color in all the magical items in the show!

  PHOTO COIN SOUVENIR: You send me a photo of your child and I use my computer 
    to put your child's face on the "Heads" side of a large plastic coin. In the middle of 
    a very funny sequence of pulling 50-cent pieces out of your child's ears, hair, nose, 
    elbows, & knees, everyone is amazed when the large 3-inch coin appears--and 
    even more amazed when the "Heads" side is shown with the birthday child photo 
    on it. The birthday child gets to keep it as a magic souvenir of that special day.

  MAGIC WAND/DIPLOMA: The birthday child is given a magic wand to help with the   
   coolest tricks in the show. At the end of the show, the wand unrolls and is shown to be a  
   "Certified Magician's Assistant" diploma!

  MONT MAGIC BOOK AUTOGRAPHED: Mont Magic has written 2 magic books for 
    young children. It is a great way to continue the magic memories from the party 
    and perhaps starting your child on a rewarding hobby. Mont Magic will autograph 
    the book to your child.

  GOODIE BAGS: Magical goodie bags have 10-12 magical puzzles and tricks for the 
    children to take home and relive the magic of the special birthday party.

  BEGINNER'S MAGIC SET: Mont Magic has created a beginner's magic set with 6 cool 
    tricks and items to learn. It is personalized with your child's photo on it along   
    withhis/her name. It has a great in-depth instruction booklet to explain the 6 
    tricks as well as 13 other tricks to do with items found around the house. Mont has 
    even written a short booklet just for the parents. It explains the benefits of a magic 
    hobby, and how to encourage your child in learning and performing magic.