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"Magic Words for Drug-Free Kids"

"Don't Take Drugs, Even Once!--They Will CHANGE You!"

Teaches students the dangers of drugs, why it’s important to stay in school, and the benefits of a drug-free life.

Lots of fun magical effects from Mont Dutson, Salt Lake City Utah Magician and School Assembly Presentainer.

The Magic Words for Drug-Free Kids are:
NO --say No and mean it
GO --go away, leave the area, just get out of there
TELL --always tell a responsible adult
YELL --if you can't get away, start yelling!

We talk about illegal drugs and legal drugs. We do role-play with students for situations where someone wants them to do something they know is wrong.

The students go nuts when Mont Magic dons hat and sunglasses and tries to get them to try drugs. He then demonstrates that drugs can hurt you even if you try them only one time. The helping student shows how to use NO GO TELL YELL in that situation.

This is a great assembly to kick off your Red Ribbon Week. It comes complete with the FAMOUS "Mont Dutson's Teacher's Discussion Guide" and a special handout for each student, the amazing optical illusion card with the word NO on it. Kids stare at it, then look at sky and see the word NO floating in the air. Of course it has NO GO TELL YELL words on it, too.
“Mont Dutson did an appropriate assembly for our school during Red Ribbon Week. Granite Elementary students enjoyed the magic and the “Just Say NO” emphasis. He made it fun and used students as assistants. The students’ attention was on Mr. Dutson throughout the entire assembly.  Thank you Mr. Dutson”
    -D.Easton, Principal,
     Granite Elementary
“…and rave reviews from our teachers: excellent program presentation, entertaining and very educational; great student involvement during the entire show; fun positive message-brief, concise and to the point at levels that all students could understand; The “TEACHER DISCUSSION GUIDE’ was a FANTASTIC TOOL to get students ready for the show and follow-up discussion of the educational points they learned(they were excited to get the GUIDE-they had NEVER received anything like that to help have an after assembly  discussion); very well organized presentation that involved both adults and students in the show. Thank you Mont Magic for a terrific show, message and entertainment. We enjoyed having you come to our school and we had a great time.”
- D. Ray, School Counselor, Drug Prevention Coordinator, Hillside Elementary School Granite School District
  I just wanted to thank you again for the Drug-Free assembly!   My daughter and her friends and I had a good discussion about it  just a little bit ago.  They remembered everything you taught them.  It made quite an impression on them.  What a gift of magic you have, plus you share a critical, timely message for the young people wherever you go.  I am sure I speak on behalf of all the parents of Sand Springs Elementary Students when I say, you made a difference today.  May God bless you in your work! 
M. Malan, PTA
Sand Springs Elementary, Layton UT
"NO   GO   TELL   YELL!!!"
THE Magic Words for Drug-Free Kids
"I don't care about you--
I just want your money!"
"Here's Beethoven
the Drug-Free Bunny!"
These MAGIC WORDS will
save you from drugs!